Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ Would Focus on a Grown Up Newt

By November 23, 2015

While Ridley Scott has been busy at work promoting and prepping work on his upcoming sequel to the 2012 sci-fi film, Prometheus, set to be titled, Alien: Covenant, Neill Blomkamp’s dream Alien 5 film has been put on hold indefinitely. The movie came into fruition just a few months after Blomkamp posted concept art from his proposed Alien film online too, with several of the images showing Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) interacting with the horrifying Xenomorph creatures once again. Since then, Weaver has been confirmed to be returning for the iconic role in Blomkamp’s film, after the two previously worked together on this year’s Chappie.

The film was also set to feature the return of Michael Biehn’s Corporal Dwayne Hicks from James Cameron’s Aliens, as well as a grown up Rebecca “Newt” Jorden (Carrie Henn), meaning that Alien 5 would essentially be picking up where Aliens left off, and rewriting the events shown in the film’s sequels, including David Fincher’s Alien 3.

It’s said that the movie will still happen eventually, once Ridley Scott and his team get further into their Prometheus trilogy, but things definitely aren’t looking good for Blomkamp’s passion project from here as the director looks to begin work on a different project. However, Icons of Fright recently spoke with Michael Biehn about the film, and the actor revealed that Alien 5 is still very much alive, and will begin production once Covenant is complete:

“I know Ridley Scott is doing his movie first and is going to be the executive producer on this one, so I’m really looking forward to that. I know that Ridley’s focus is on the second Prometheus and I’m sure that he and Fox both don’t want that and Neill’s movie to come out right next to each other.”

The actor also went on to reveal more about the film’s proposed plot and sequence of events, which would feature the passing of the torch from Ripley to a grown up Newt:

“They’re planning on bringing me and Newt back, and at this point Newt will be around 27 years old. I know that every actress in Hollywood is going to want to play this one, it’s really a passing of the torch between Sigourney and this younger actress who would play Newt. It would keep the franchise alive and the studios would make money, because that’s what the bottom line is now: money.”

This makes sense considering the rather strong and protective relationship with Newt that Ripley developed throughout Aliens, and was one of the biggest reasons that the story’s continuation was such a big disappointment. There’s no word on who could be coming on board to play the grown up version of Newt right now, but there’s probably a long list of actresses ready and willing to sign on for the role, depending on the script’s strength and the franchise’s future possibilities.

Passing the torch onto Newt is a strong move business-wise too, as it would be a way for Weaver’s Ripley to retire from the franchise, while also having a character that fans already love take over at the helm. As someone who was probably more excited for Blomkamp’s Alien continuation than Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant too, this plot sounds promising and hopefully – it’ll live long enough to come into fruition, rather than fading away on the cutting room floor.

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 has been put on hold indefinitely.

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Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    Didn’t Newt DIE in Alien 3 & they BURNED the body?!?!?!?!?!?! The more I read about this reboot???????? the less I want to see it!

    • v85rawdeal

      Unfortunately a lot of people hated the direction the movies took as they wanted more guns and shooting and Ripley, Hicks and Newt riding off into the sunset as one happy family, slaying all aliens that get in their way.

      • David Johnson

        Out of the 4 Alien Movies 2 is My least Favorite, went from Amazing Sci-Fi Horror Movie to an Action Movie!!!

  • Steve Wyton

    @David Johnson…if you read the article again, they specifically said that Alien 5 would be re-writing the history of the franchise so that it would be picking up from Aliens (part 2) and basically making it so that Alien 3 and 4 never happened…which is the way it SHOULD have went from the beginning as most fans of the franchise will agree seeing that Alien 3 and 4 weren’t anywhere near as good as the first two…so yeah, if that is what they are doing then I, as a long time fan of the series am onboard 100% to see this. Anyone would agree that it was a bit of a shock at the beginning of alien 3 to have two of the three survivors (not including Bishop of course) and who were fan faves die within the first minutes of the third film in such a stupid way after all they survived in part two and having created so much emotional investment on the part of the two characters Newt and Hicks..i know i never liked it and is still difficult for me to watch anytime i watch the third film without feeling disappointed and pissed off at the same time

    • v85rawdeal

      Killing of the two characters was the best move for the franchise. The franchise has ALWAYS been about shocks to the system. Keeping them alive would have been a bland, dull and ultimately cliched way to continue.

      • Steve Wyton

        I don’t see how it was the best thing they did for the franchise when alien 3 was a big disappointment, and people don’t even talk about Alien Resurrection for good obviously it wasn’t the smartest move as the direction they went was obviously the wrong direction…either way i am interested to see what they have planned…it can’t be any worse AND as they said in the article, it would allow a certain “passing of the torch” from Ripley to allow the continuation of the series…Alien is one of those series you can’t just reboot and for one good reason imo…The Alien creature is probably, if not, the scariest and coolest looking Alien ever can’t create a reboot without changing the main antagonist in some way, shape or form so they have to come up with a way to have continuity from the original movies and i think this is a good way to do that..there is no way to have continuation after the way Alien 4 ended and the state of never would have been the same.