Netflix Viewing to Outpace All Major Broadcast Networks by 2016

By June 24, 2015

Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, this news should convince a lot of people about the future of internet streaming entertainment.

According to a new report from Variety, a Wall Street research firm has indicated that — if it measured its shows similarly to the Nielsen ratings system — the number 1 streaming service, Netflix, would have a larger 24-hour audience than any of the major broadcast networks by 2016. That includes NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.

There is a noted caveat with that statement, though. As the report indicates,

Nielsen TV ratings cover, at most, up to seven days of VOD and DVR viewing — and exclude online-video views, which networks say are an increasing part of the pie. Moreover, TV networks provide a different blend of content, such as live sports, that Netflix doesn’t. And anyway, Netflix doesn’t care about “ratings” of individual shows, given that it doesn’t sell ads and has steadfastly refused to disclose anything but general data about viewing.

Still, though, the report is meant to indicate just how popular Netflix’s various streaming series are, ranging from previously existing movies and television shows, to their acclaimed original content like “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “Bloodline,” and “Marvel’s Daredevil.” Moreover, the report also indicates that Netflix’s market power is increasing at a pretty rapid rate, only made stronger by their increasing emergence in international markets, as they’ve recently entered major European markets like France and Germany, along with expanding to countries like Portugal later this year.

At last official count, Netflix boasted more than 62 million subscribers worldwide, a figure which will likely continue to grow as they expand into more and more markets.

How do you watch your shows? Do you have to see them the minute they go live on broadcast TV, or are you more likely to wait and see what’ll show up on a streaming service? Leave a comment below, and keep an eye on GeekNation for more entertainment news as it happens!

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Chris Clow
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