Netflix’s ‘Love’ Strikes a Melancholic, Fun Tone in First Official Trailer

By January 18, 2016

They’re blu rays… they’ve got like exclusive special features ya b*tch!

At this point, Judd Apatow is a name that will get me excited for any project if he’s associated with it, and there’s no exception with Netflix’s Love, a new series from the writer and director that he’s co-created along with Paul Rust and Leslie Arfin. Featuring a charismatic lead pairing of Rust and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs, the series promises to be a fresh, different addition to the television rom-com genre.

Now, with just a little less than a month to go until it’s official premiere on the streaming platform, Netflix has revealed the first official story trailer for the series online, after a spectacular teaser and two character spots over the past few weeks.

Check out the fun, romantic and referential trailer below:

The trailer is packed to the brim with that kind of snarky comedy that Apatow has become known for since the beginning of his career, but Rust and Jacobs look like they’re giving new life to what has become a bit of a tired, children-in-adult-bodies trope at this point.

After the intelligent, romantic, and topical Master of None late last year too, Netflix is on a streak of quality original TV shows unlike any I’ve ever seen, and I’m hoping that Love ends up being the latest addition to that streak.

Love will premiere on February 19th on Netflix.

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