New A&E TV Series Based on ‘The Omen’ Drops Trailer

By December 23, 2015

A&E has another Horror TV show coming out that much like Bates Motel takes a classic horror movie and tells it from a different angle or time. This time we have Damien based on (gee, don’t tell me!) The Omen.

The show picks up from the first film (smartly not accepting the two sequels as canon) and that creepy ass kid has become an (ofcourse) handsome adult who looks plucked straight off of the set of Supernatural.  

Damien still seems to be cared for by his ever creepy guardian that took over whence his parents died. Played by Barbara Hershey who brings the only real creep factor to any of the footage shown so far. She seems like the perfect mix of crazy mom with a psycho hose beast lurking right under the surface.

The newest footage features a modern look at the classic Omen scene that I think sets the tone for the updated version we’ll be getting. Check it out:

This doesn’t show us a lot but it does look like some some time and money has gone into the show even if I don’t love the choices. It’s clear we’re going to find Damien 30 and somewhat like-able, probably dating. Then we’ll watch his guardian lady slowly turn him into well…..the Anti-Christ. It’s like the story of the Lion King only not at all. (What?) Here’s the Comic-con footage that shows a lot more:

I’m sorry to say I get a major CW vibe here. That doesn’t necessarily bode well considering what made the classic so great was the time, that freaky kid and the dark religious undertones.  The music does seem to be back however, which is nice. You need that.

Showrunner title belongs to The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara and Damien will star Bradley James as the titular character along with Barbara Hershey as Anne Rutledge. The show arrives on A&E sometime in 2016. What do you think? Check back to GeekNation for more updates! It’s all for you!

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