New Amazing and Original Looking ‘Suicide Squad’ Posters Released to the World!

By January 18, 2016

Dear studios marketing their million dollar franchises… pay attention. Instead of photoshopping a bunch of floating heads around some backdrop, remember, there are more intelligent/original ways to create your posters. For the gold standard, why not just follow director David Ayer on Twitter:

See? THAT’S how you do it!

All kidding aside, the truth is, studios have really fallen into a rut lately when it comes to the lost art of movie posters. I have 8 movies posters framed and hung on my wall… 8 posters! And from a casual point of view, one wouldn’t immediately notice, instead, they would think I had purchased some amazing art print from a studio and framed it to show my taste in art nouveau. It’s no coincidence that most, if not all my posters framed come from the 80’s. A time where marketing movies was a wholly creative process. As I mentioned up top –  nowadays, a bunch of giant heads in a collage represents the standard and it’s a damn shame. No one in the studio marketing system seems to care anymore and opt for something thrown together and released into the world. Thankfully, as per the example led by director of Suicide Squad David Ayer, we have a break in the norm. And they’re amazing.

Taking to social media, the cast from Suicide Squad each shared their own character poster. Thanks to /Film, they collected them all for easy sharing. Check em’ out:


suicidesquad-skullposter1 (1)



suicidesquad-skullposter4 (1)






suicidesquad-skullposter10 (1)



A lot of fans continue speculating about how Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is the creme’ de la creme when it comes to their superhero movies – the gold standard as it were. And why not? It’s Batman! It’s Superman! It’s Batman AND Superman onscreen! Together! Therefore it’s going to be amazing!

Jury is still out on that one – I’m excited, don’t get me wrong… But in my opinion, it’s Suicide Squad that represents the biggest gamble for Warner Bros. And by all accounts, it’s not that big of a “gamble.” Because everything we’ve seen from the trailers, to the look of each character, to the tweets from director David Ayer – we are  in for something special. I have no doubt Batman V Superman will break box office records and could ‘sink’ if critically panned… But if Suicide Squad delivers as it’s promising to do, then the DC connected universe will be successful.

These posters are amazing and come to us a day before the trailer number 2 debut (tomorrow). I’m hoping we’ll get a new and exciting look from the movie. Judging by these posters, I’m sure we’ll be blown away.

Suicide Squad comes to theatres August 5th, 2015.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the new Suicide Squad trailer – and for all your DC Movie updates, keep it tuned right here on GeekNation!

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