New ‘Batman v Superman’ Images Show New Sides of Heroes and Villains

By July 28, 2015

Now that we’re getting closer to the release of the DC Comics-based blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. is starting to amp up the hype machine a bit more by providing fans with new images of the characters that will be appearing in it. Yesterday, we showed you the new cover that will be on an upcoming spotlight issue of Entertainment Weekly, but now we have a few new images from another, more official source.

The film’s official still photographer, Clay Enos, has shared a few new images on his Instagram page that show three of the main characters from new perspectives. In the images, we get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in a familiar place next to the Bat-Signal and ready to do battle, we see Henry Cavill’s Superman in a decidedly ominous environment, and we also get to see Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in surroundings that seem to look familiar to anyone who has seen a company setup in Silicon Valley. See the images below.

bvs_enos_batsignal bvs_enos_superman bvs_enos_luthor


While the image of Batman certainly calls back to Frank Miller’s seminal comics work The Dark Knight Returns, it’s a little more difficult to place what might be happening with Superman in the second image. He certainly has a degree of menace in his expression, so he could be in one of the environments where he faces off against Batman, but it’s difficult to tell. The most telling new image is the one of Lex Luthor, whose relaxed demeanor and presence on a LexCorp basketball court seemingly indicating that the film is going with a conception of the character that seems inspired by the modern lifestyle and company cultures of places like Google or Facebook. This is definitely a new direction for the character, whose evolution in the comics has seen him go from a mad scientist, to a career criminal, to a corporate mogul.

In other BvS news, the latest episode of DC Entertainment’s YouTube series “DC All-Access” has confirmed that actress Tao Okamoto will indeed be playing the character she has been rumored for: Mercy Graves. Mercy made her debut in “Superman: The Animated Series” in the 1990’s as Lex Luthor’s valet and enforcer. Her time in the show saw her as ready and willing to do much of Luthor’s “dirty work,” up to and including murder, and she was often portrayed as a rather cold right hand for the CEO of LexCorp. When Mercy made her debut in the comics, it was strongly hinted that she hailed from Themyscira, and had Amazonian lineage similar to Wonder Woman’s. Could we perhaps see onder Woman face of against one of her “sisters” in the upcoming film?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters on March 25th, 2016. For more news on the upcoming film as it develops, keep it locked on GeekNation!

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