New DLC Brings Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ to ‘Arkham Knight’

By July 14, 2015

If you’re a fan of the first two Batman films directed by Tim Burton, and either have or are planning to get the latest video game featuring the caped crusader, then we’ve got some good news for you.

According to IGN, some new downloadable content will be headed to Season Pass owners of Rocksteady Studios’ latest installment in their beloved series, Batman: Arkham Knight. When the Season Pass was detailed a couple of months before the game was released, one of the things that it promised was new race tracks featuring some of the most iconic versions of Batman’s defining vehicle: the Batmobile. Next month, the first legendary Batmobile being brought to life in the game will be none other than the design featured in director Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989, and Batman Returns from 1992. Moreover, it will also include two new race tracks inspired by the 1992 film on which to drive the beloved design created by the late Anton Furst.

See the released image of the car, as well as the accompanying skin featuring Batman in the design of the 1989 Batsuit, below (click to enlarge):


The game will also see the release of a new skins pack for Season Pass owners, which includes three new skins for Batman, and one new skin each for Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing. For Batman, the pack includes his classic 1970’s costume, the costume worn by Dick Grayson when that character took up the Mantle of the Bat in the 2009 comics storyline “Batman Reborn” by writer Grant Morrison, as well as the suit worn by Batman in 2013’s prequel game Batman: Arkham Origins. Catwoman’s new costume is from her look circa the 1990’s comics. Robin’s costume is also from the comics, specifically the one he wore after DC’s 2006 “One Year Later” event, while Nightwing’s new costume is the garb he wore in Rocksteady’s last game, Batman: Arkham City.

See these costumes below (click to enlarge):


In our review of Batman: Arkham Knight, we felt the game was the best yet at creating a full-on simulated superhero experience, and it earned the first perfect score in the history of GeekNation’s game reviews. With new content promised through at least December in the form of DLC, it should prove interesting to see what other costumes — and Batmobiles — will be crafted by the team at Rocksteady over the next few months. The game’s first major DLC release starring Batgirl is available to the game’s season pass holders beginning today. There’s no word on when DLC will be released for the troubled PC port of Arkham Knight, though, as its still being repaired after a somewhat disastrous release last month.

For more on Arkham Knight as it develops further, keep it locked on GeekNation!



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