New ‘Doctor Strange’ Image Revealed, Trailer Premiere Date Announced

By April 6, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch is a busy man. After completing principal photography on Marvel’s Doctor Strange just this past weekend and making the dreams come true of a select few comic book shop owners – the actor has already started shooting the highly-anticipated fourth season of Sherlock today. At this point, it’s not too hard to imagine him actually being the Sorcerer Supreme.

Following the release of a number of set photos from Doctor Strange as well, a new image of Cumberbatch in costume as the character has been released (via StocklandMartel), featuring him working some kind of magic, though no special effects are included.

Check out the image itself below:

doctor strange image

I am gonna say… that Eye of Agamotto is just looking better and better the more I see it.

Again, Cumberbatch looks pitch-perfect as Stephen Strange, though that’s been known ever since the very first photo of him as the character was revealed. It looks so much like the comics that it’s almost unbelievable, and the costume just looks even better. In addition to the new image as well, Marvel has announced when the first trailer for the highly-anticipated film will be revealed…

As part of the promotional campaign leading up to the release of Captain America: Civil War in May, the studio will be heading a week of Marvel-themed episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, starting next Monday, April 11th with a “Team Cap” episode, with special guests includingChris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Paul Rudd, then a “Team Iron Man” episode on Wednesday, April 13th with Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Emily VanCamp, Chadwick Boseman, and Paul Bettany.

However, in between those two episodes, Benedict Cumberbatch will be the special guest on the Tuesday, April 12th episode, and will be releasing the very first trailer for Doctor Strange, similar to what the studio has done with the first trailers for Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy. After quite a bit of noise has been made about the film’s mind-bending, striking visuals too – finally getting to see what all the fuss is about here should be a very monumentous moment for Marvel fans everywhere.

Agents of SHIELD‘s Clark Gregg will also be appearing on the Tuesday broadcast after Cumberbatch, with Chris Hemsworth promoting both The Huntsman: Winter’s War and possibly Thor: Ragnarok on the Thursday, April 14th show as well.

From a visual standpoint, I think Doctor Strange has the potential to be the most interesting and impressive film that Marvel has released to date, and judging by the comments already made by those involved as well, I don’t think I’d be too off the mark by saying that. However, the story and characters seem to be the most mysterious aspects of the film so far, which might be cause for concern at any other studio, but at this point, with the film’s incredible, almost Oscar-worthy cast and a talented genre director behind-the-scenes, I have more-than-enough faith in Marvel to pull this one off. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a Marvel movie before.

Doctor Strange will hit theatres on November 4th.

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