New Doctor Who Christmas Trailer: Attack of the Snow!

By December 13, 2012

With only two weeks to go til this year’s Christmas special, there’s a new trailer to whet Whovians’ appetites.

So, what can we expect? Evil snowmen hell-bent on creating an icy army to destroy the world. It’s going to be a white Christmas in Who-land, and, as always, that spells disaster and invasion. On Doctor Who, snow usually comes in catastrophe’s wake; now, it finally takes its turn as the culprit.

We also get another tantalizing glimpse at the Doctor’s newest companion, dragging the Doctor along in an amusing role reversal (It’s about time he let someone else say ‘run!’). She’s one spunky Victorian lady, and she’s the latest in a long line to kiss the Doctor, planting a big one on him at the preview’s end.