New ‘Ghostbusters’ Images With Chris Hemsworth’s Character Finally Revealed

By February 3, 2016

It’s amazing to me that this new Ghostbusters film is getting so much hate. At least, that’s all I really see on the interwebs – contempt and harsh comments mostly directed at director Paul Feig. One time it got to him so much he turned on his Twitter followers, the trolls at least, unleashing many F-bombs in defense of his reboot.

I love the original movie so much – I’m sure everyone does. It’s why the trolls are so up at arms. They wanted an official Part 3 with the original gang coming back again. But so many things kept that from happening – script issues, Bill Murray and then, the passing of Harold Ramis. So it’s not happening. That’s for sure. What IS happening is a new reboot – or reimagining – using girl power at the center. The casting flip comes in a time where studios are trying to diversify – whether it’s race or making sure women are properly represented, and then some.

And still, audiences are not really into the new movie. I’m not going to blame it on the all women cast. That would be ridiculous. I think it’s because of the nostalgia surrounding the original movie. And maybe Part 2. Then again, Part 2 had Viggo the Carpathian …for gosh darn sake. It get’s a pass from me. Because he’s Viggo! 

Moving on…the marketing continues for the new movie whether you want it or not. This time, some official images from the official website – It shows us all the ladies in various outfits – pre-ghostbusting. And in this batch is the first look at Chris Hemsworth’s character – which is essentially Chris’ character as the Annie Potts character from the original. Down to the glasses, desk and pink shirt.

Check em’ out below:





ghostbusters-cast-image-melissa-mccarthy-abby-yatesMy opinion on the matter is a lot more tame in regards to this movie. I like Paul Feig, I like all the actresses cast, hell I like Chris Hemsworth even if he is channeling some sort of nerd because, look how funny, I’m actually a hot guy under these glasses, part he has going. The mythology in Ghostbusters is light and fun. After all, it’s suppose to be a comedy. So if anyone can make it work it’s Paul Feig. So yeah, I will give it the benefit of the doubt. Because what if it turns out to be Bridesmaids with ghosts? See? That’s sorta interesting.

My only beef? Casting Bill Murray in a substantial role rather than the obligatory cameo. Seems we’ll be getting cameos of all the previous stars of the original sans Rick Moranis. Which I get. They’re playfully winking at the audience. But when I hear Bill Murray will be playing the government skeptic – the Walter Peck from the first movie (Yes it’s true, this man has no dick) that’s where I bump my head. Bill Murray will ALWAYS be Dr. Peter Venkman to me. It’s an iconic role. So putting him in this world as a different character makes this movie a full blown reboot. Because when it was first announced, I was hoping for a sequel. Like these ladies picked up the proton packs to continue what the guys started. In my mind, that would have been a comment on “girl power.” The women can do what the men did previous. Now, and this walks a line – casting an all women Ghostbusters team sorta, kinda, seems like a stunt. Just a smidge.

Again, I’m all in and will give the movie a shot. The talent involved is top notch so why not be happy and look for the best? That’s how I want to take it.

Ghostbusters will debut in theatres on July 15th, 2016.

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