Girls! Girls! Girls! Comix Chix Podcast Comes To GeekNation

By October 3, 2012

That got your attention, didn’t it? Welcome to Comix Chix – a weekly podcast, (hosted by yours truly), which is slated to air on Wednesdays (new comic day!) exclusively here on GeekNation.

For some reason, somewhere along the line, someone started propagating the rumor that “comics were for boys.” I don’t know who or where or why – but, whomever it was, I’d love to smack him/her upside the head.

Because it’s not true, comics are for everyone!

But, specifically – let’s talk about women in comics. It’s a misnomer that “girls don’t draw/write/read comics.” They do – and, have, always – since comics became, well, comics. If you look back at the history of sequential art, you’ll see that women like Tarpe Mills, Ethyl Hayes, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, Louise Simonson, Trina Robbins, Gail Simone, Anne Nocenti and others have been responsible creating and helping to shape comics and comic characters (including the male-focused superhero genre) since 1897. Currently, there are hundreds-upon-hundreds of working female comic creators and thousands-upon-thousands (if not millions-upon-millions) of female comic fans.

So, it begs to be asked – how the fuck are comics just for boys, again?

Truthfully, women are still way under-represented in the comics industry. Both as creators (how many women worked on DC’s “New 52?”) and via the reflection of the titles which comics publishers produce. Not to mention, that women in the comics industry face, erm let’s say “different,” challenges than their male counterparts do. Because somewhere along the way someone reinforced the idea to the greater geek community that comics is a club for “men only.” While men with a whit of sense in their pretty heads don’t buy into this bullshit, there are still a lot of those unrefined troglodytes who are so socially inept that they think that the trope is true. These people (because they’re not always men) have been given a voice by the Internet and make it their mission in life to harass, defame and attack women who dare to have the temerity to set foot into their genre… either as a creator, fan or journalist providing commentary.

Growing up a geeky girl in the Midwest in the 1980s was tough. I was solid in my own identity – I knew that I liked what I liked – but there just didn’t seem to be that many other young women with similar interests. It has only been in the last five-to-ten years that I have discovered that a whole community of amazing, geeky, comic book lovin’ and creatin’ women are out there waiting to be friends, collaborators, muses and mentors. To me, to you, to anyone who takes the time to be genuine and engage them in conversation.

Which is what this podcast is all about – it’s a conversation about the place and purpose of women in the comics world. I will be talking to writers, artists, journalists, editors, fans; sometimes our guests will be women, sometimes they won’t; but the show will always be fun, informative and thought provoking. I’m excited to share with you, dear listener, the stories and journeys of some of the incredible women (and men) who have shaped my experience as a comic book journalist. I think your lives will be all the more for knowing them and us.

Comic book fan & Comix Chix host, Kate Kotler. That’s me!

Kate Kotler is an avid comic reader since she swiped her first copy of Spider-Man from her little brother. She’s a columnist for Bleeding Cool, and the host of Comix Chix right here on GeekNation. Follow her on Twitter @adorkablegrrl or Facebook or via her website.