New Poll Reveals America’s Favorite Movie Stars

By January 29, 2016

The results are in, and this year’s Harris Poll has revealed America’s favorite movie stars.

After polling 2200 adults this last December, the poll has revealed that for the fifth time in his career, Tom Hanks is apparently America’s favorite actor. Does that come as much of a surprise though? No, he’s Tom Hanks. Who doesn’t love him?

Johnny Depp ranks at number two in the poll as well, moving up from his number four spot last year, with Denzel Washington taking the third spot on the list. Check out the full top five below:

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Denzel Washington
  4. John Wayne
  5. Harrison Ford

It is interesting to see Wayne make it into the list, considering he hasn’t made a movie in well… a bit, although I guess the Duke’s star power never really is going to go away is it? After making his return to superstardom and reprising his role as Han Solo in The Force Awakens as well, Harrison Ford himself managed to make it into the top five.

There are no women in the top five unfortunately, though Sandra Bullock is ranked at number 6, with Jennifer Lawrence following quickly behind at number 7. In case you were wondering too, both actresses have been featured on the list before… multiple times. Despite not having any movies (directed or otherwise) this year as well, Clint Eastwood surprisingly was ranked at the eighth spot on the list, proving the Man with No Name has still very much got it.

Brad Pitt also landed in the ninth spot as well because luckily, hardly anybody saw By the Sea… you were the lucky ones.

The poll also revealed where each actor is favored in the country, with Harrison Ford apparently being very popular in the East, Hanks in the West, Johnny Depp in the South, and this is beginning to sound a little bit territorial now isn’t it?

Nonetheless, the list itself is interesting because it provides a bit of a new perspective on how audiences feel towards movie stars nowadays, and the old fashioned presence that seems to dominate most of the choices. My only real question is – why’s Bill Murray missing from this list? He’s a national treasure and his absence from here is frankly worse than any Oscar snub of the past fifteen years. So much so, that I’m willing to forgive him for Rock the Kasbah… and Monument’s Men.

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