New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Star Could Stay On ‘Walking Dead’ Too

By January 26, 2017

In a show like The Walking Dead where just about anyone could be sent to meet their maker, it’s no surprise the revelation Sonequa Martin-Green was cast as the lead star of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access created concern about what would happen to her Walking Dead character Sasha.

Martin-Green is not giving anything away, but Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple did tease Entertainment Weekly‘s Dalton Ross that it is indeed possible for Martin-Green to be in two places at once.

“I’ve seen her battle a horde of walkers this year while simultaneously battling a stomach flu that would have had most people crying in the dirt. She can fulfill the duties of a lieutenant commander on a Constitution-class starship whilst battling walkers, Saviors and whatever gets in Sasha’s way.

“We’ve had to juggle before. I will certainly juggle for Star Trek any day of the week.”

While we’re sure Trekkies appreciate the kind of detail he provided from his Star Trek knowledge, we’re pretty sure the USS Discovery is not a Constitution class – the same class the original USS Enterprise in Star Trek.

Yet, even though Walking Dead might have accommodated shooting schedules in the past, EW reporter Ross also shares that’s not always the case. Some more recent examples include the death of Shane when Jon Bernthal landed a lead role on Frank Darabont’s Mob City. Governor met an untimely end when the actor who played him, David Morrissey, ended up on the broken pilot Line of Sight.

Yet, there were times when actors on the show landed other jobs, and Walking Dead found a way around it.

When Corey Hawkins (who plays Heath) landed the lead role on 24: Legacy as well as a part in Kong: Skull Island, his character – who was still alive – went out on a supply run, was seen in one episode this season, and then disappeared again, giving him the opportunity to return to the fold from time to time, or on a regular basis should 24 not be renewed.

There also isn’t a lot of overlap between Walking Dead‘s shooting schedule and Discovery‘s. For instance, shooting is scheduled to start on the new Star Trek series this week in Toronto, and continue on for the next three months. The next season of Walking Dead won’t go in front of the cameras until the late fall in Atlanta.

At least for now, Martin-Green hints that she could be sticking around to do both shows.

“Well, I can’t say anything. I can say that the (Walking Dead) story is as impactful as powerful and dynamic as it always has been, and there’s nothing to worry about where that’s concerned.”

Star Trek: Discovery is expected to debut on the subscription streaming service CBS All Access in May, although no official premiere date has been set. Walking Dead returns to AMC for the back half of its seventh season Feb. 12.

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