New ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Set Photos Reveal The Millennium Falcon and X-Wings on Location

By September 10, 2014

If you’ve been following along with Star Wars: Episode VII news over the past few months – and really, who hasn’t? – you know that we’ve seen a few pics from inside Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon (including an official image) and director J.J. Abrams addressed leaked photos with a cheeky pic of his own that confirmed the Falcon will indeed be taking flight again in a galaxy far, far away.

But StarWarsUnderworld has uncovered a couple of new tweets that reveal new images of the Falcon and two X-wings on location in Greenham Common Park, about 40 miles away from the London sets at Pinewood Studios. The first comes from FlyMAC, which is reportedly England’s most popular flying school, and is a photo taken from above that gives us our best look at the Falcon…or half of it, anyway:


We’re not sure if the rest of the Falcon will be built out over the next few days, or if it will be digitally created in post production, but either way, it’s very cool to see the iconic ship out and about once again.

This next shot comes from a different user, but is also taken from above. You can barely make out the Falcon on the right side, but this one shows that there are two X-wings stationed in two docking bays built into the ground:


Pretty cool, right? This is the second photo of vehicles from major upcoming movies we’ve seen this morning, following a new look at the Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Are you excited to see the Falcon back in action?

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