New Study Shows Facebook Can Really Piss You Off

By February 20, 2013

Ever read a status update or see an image that made you mad, sad, jealous or happy? Ever get into a “flame war” with a stranger or “friend” on Facebook or Twitter?

You’re not alone.

In a recent story from Mashable, a new study conducted by mobile v.o. company Rebtel (think Skype) linked how a person feels with heavy or light use of social media and while most said no ONE network in particular causes them “high stress or negative effect on mood”, Facebook came in as the number one answer for those who DID say their emotions were affected with Twitter coming in at second place.

On the other side of that coin, 45.9% (17.5% for YouTube) said that Facebook had a favorable effect on mood.

Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernstrom said that “Our social media report helps paint an interesting picture of our evolving communications tastes and preferences, and how even routine activities such as checking friends into locations, can have an adverse affect on our relationships.”

The study also looked at the habits of smartphone users (i.e., Android and iPhone) and found that most update their locations constantly to let friends and family know where they are/have been (a.k.a “show off”), with iPhone owners being much more likely to use outlets like Facebook’s Check-In and Foursquare.

Yeah, I admit I’m one of the ones who likes to show people where I go on Foursquare.

What I DON’T get, however, is how LinkedIn came in at number 3 as a stress causer, but then again I don’t check my LinkedIn as much as I should but I’m also not stupid enough to add people to my circles I can’t stand and could give two sh**s how they’re doing business OR personally. If people didn’t treat LinkedIn like Facebook and treated it like what it is, a BUSINESS networking site, problem solved.

As far as I would sit on this study, my stress list order would probably read “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram” and that would be the point where I’d step away from the computer and read a book or go outside and play for a little while. Besides, stress makes you fart and who wants to smell that?

So now that you’ve got all this information at your fingertips, what say you? Like, dislike, or one of these?

I’ma go with “Charlie bit my finger!”

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