New Trailer For Steve Jobs Biopic Pops On Instagram

By July 15, 2013

As photo uploading app Instagram was first an iPhone exclusive, it seems only fitting a 15-second trailer for the new biopic Jobs emerges on said app.

Utilizing the recent addition of the app’s 15-second video capabilities, Open Road took to the film’s official Instagram to unleash a teaser for the upcoming Jobs, about the life and times of Steve Jobs and his rise from garage to worldwide tech domination. This opens the door for other studios to follow and make their own versions (like when Vine partnered up with Tribeca Film Festival for a 6-second short film contest), though James Mangold already utilized Vine for a “tweaser” for his upcoming superhero flick The Wolverine.

Check it out.

Pretty snazzy!

Now, I am one of MANY Apple-ites who seriously doubted star Ashton Kutcher’s ability to play the guy who made black turtlenecks cool again (sorry, Archer)…

…but after seeing some side-by-sides of Jobs and Kutcher AND a pretty stellar cast list that includes Matthew Modine, James Woods, J.K. Simmons, Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney and Lukas Haas, I’m going in with a very open mind.

Pretty sure Steve would want it that way.

Jobs opens on August 16th.

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