New Video Highlights Pokémon’s Alleged Religious Connections

By December 14, 2014

“Gotta catch ’em all!”

It seemed like that was a mantra that echoed hrough the halls of schools all over the world for kids that grew up in the 1990’s, but the popularity of Nintendo’s Pokémon still seems to be a very potent force in video game pop culture even today. In fact, its not uncommon to hear stories of kids trading and betting their Pokémon cards on playgrounds during recess so much that school administrators would ban such activities since they thought it “encouraged gambling.”

Apparently, though, there’s an even more controversial aspect to Pokémon that a lot of people have seemed to take issue with: its alleged “promotion” of certain religious principles. Certain representatives of various religions have claimed that the video game and card game franchise has encouraged undesirable elements as labelled by certain faiths, and have pursued franchise owners Nintendo in both legal and social arenas to try and stop the spread of its popularity. All of this is detailed in the latest episode of the highly popular YouTube series Did You Know Gaming?, which examines the Pokémon franchise’s run-ins with all of the world’s major religions. See it below.

It’s definitely interesting that the franchise manages to curry the disdain of many different faiths, which could point to a conclusion that the sources of its mythology are a bit more universal than any side claims. Either way, although it saw a massive popularity spike near its premiere in the late 90s, Pokémon is still extremely popular, garnering two of the top 10 spots in software sales on the latest NPD sales report. Is that the work of the devil, or is it just a solidy fun game franchise? Be sure to check out the video and decide for yourself.

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Chris Clow
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