New Video Suggests Agent Smith is The One in ‘The Matrix’

By March 26, 2016

The Matrix was one of the most revolutionary films of all time. Mixing a mind-blowing premise with (at the time) state of the art special effects, the film was a massive hit that spawned two sequels, a video game, and tons of debate amongst fans. One of the bigger bones of contention over the past decade and a half has been whether Neo (Keanu Reeves) was really “The One” prophesied to save humanity from machines or if that distinction actually belongs to the main antagonist in the film, Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). While most fans are firmly on Team Neo, the pro-Smith argument has been growing stronger recently and gaining popularity.

The latest submission in the “Agent Smith is The One” debate comes courtesy of io9 and, well, it’s pretty convincing. Check it out:

I mean…it kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

Whichever side of the debate you fall on, one thing is clear: The Matrix is such a great movie that it continues to mess with our hands more than a decade after its release. If anything, this theory will be a fun thing to keep in the back of your head the next time you watch The Matrix Trilogy. 

So…who’s The One? Neo or Agent Smith? Let us know who gets your vote!

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Joe Ruggirello
Joe is a writer, retired comedian, and giant nerd. He's particularly fond of comic books, pro wrestling, and Godzilla. Oh, and that Star Wars thing. You can yell at him on Twitter @JoeRu23.
  • TheRob

    The Matrix was a good movie, the other two were garbage.

    Also, while this video may be new, the theory isn’t. In fact it was covered by The Film Theorist on YouTube roughly 6 months ago. Give it a watch: