New Year’s Eve, ‘Entrapment’-Style

By December 31, 2013


It’s New Year’s Eve, and since this is an entertainment website, you may assume that means we’re going to pump out a list of the “best New Year’s movies” or something along those lines. But instead of listing the same handful of movies that every other site is likely talking about – and really, there are only a few worthwhile films that take place on New Year’s Eve – we’re going to focus specifically on one that may not instantly come to mind when you think of the holiday, but that features it pretty prominently nonetheless: the 1999 heist thriller Entrapment.

I remember thinking this movie was solid when it came out…but then again, I was only 14 when it hit theaters, so I was probably just excited about that scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones slinks through the laser room in skin-tight pants.

The New Year’s Eve section of the film takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but this isn’t just any regular ol’ year we’re talkin’ about, here: this is the new millennium, and in movie terms that obviously means that there’s some sort of error to be exploited at exactly the moment when the clock strikes midnight. There’s a staggering $8 billion up for grabs, and through a series of increasingly ridiculous setpieces (one of which involves Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones hanging from a decorative light strand on one of the world’s tallest buildings), the heist is successful. Just don’t ask how Connery escaped without a parachute – I remember the movie totally chickening out and not even offering an explanation of how that happened.

There’s some decent action to be found here, along with an appropriate amount of plot twists and deception. Entrapment isn’t exactly what I would call a “good” movie anymore – it’s a little too cheesy for its own good – but aside from entertaining performances by its leads, I will give it one thing: its New Year’s Eve scene is inextricably tied to the plot instead of just being tacked on like a lot of films you’ll find on other sites’ lists.

OK, OK, fine. This entire post was just an excuse to watch this scene again (starting at 2:26). Happy New Year, everyone.

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  • Amanda Jones

    I spend New Years Eve in Kuala Lumpur last year and it was beautiful.