Next ‘X-Men’ Movie Confirmed to Take Place in The 90s

By May 9, 2016

After taking place in the seemingly modern day at first, ever since X-Men: First Class, the franchise has not only become a continuation/prequel for the series, but also become period piece films as well, usually incorporating the well-known history and pop culture of the times to impact or accentuate their respective stories. For better or for worse sometimes.

Now, with X-Men: Apocalypse progressing a decade ahead from Days of Future Past‘s 1970s theme to the 1980s, it looks like the period progression is going to continue throughout the rest of the series after all. According to producer and writer, Simon Kinberg, that is.

While recently speaking with, Kinberg confirmed that the next film in the franchise will in fact, move forward another decade:

“The next one is set in the ’90s.”

Now, it should be noted that Kinberg didn’t specify if he meant the next core X-Men film, or one of their spin-offs, including New Mutants possibly. But let’s face it, he’s probably talking about the next X-Men film.

This is good news, possibly, as the X-Men comics and property experienced a signifcant high in the 90s, thanks to the redesigned comics and characters, as well as the incredibly popular animated series of the same name. Now, there’s no telling if the film itself will actually use some of the 90s directions and angles for the series, or if it will just take place in the decade alone. But nonetheless, prepare yourselves for some probably grunge-rock obsessed mutants.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set to hit theatres on May 27th.

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