Nielsen Says People Are Quickly Moving Away from Traditional TV

By December 3, 2014

Traditional television watching has been on the decline for awhile now, but a new report from Nielsen states that people are now migrating their entertainment consumption away from the traditional television format at a faster rate. According to the report (via Deadline), people are watching less traditional TV now than at the same time last year, with the overall drop being in the neighborhood of 4%. While that doesn’t sound like much, the loss in conventional TV watching was basically all accounted for when examining what people would go to as an alternative, which was, basically, internet-enabled devices like smart TVs or set-top boxes.

In fact, the viewing of internet-enabled media didn’t just increase, it soared at a rate of about 60%, and viewing of media on mobile devices like smartphones increased at an astonishing rate of nearly 25%. All of these numbers contribute to the idea that traditional TV consumption is on a steady decline, with younger generations instead opting to “cut the cord” and get their media in another fashion entirely. While some media executives and analysts have criticized Nielsen for being unable to effectively demonstrate the measurement of people who view programming away from their TV set, a Nielsen executive is quoted as saying that the wealth of digital devices, media, and the ability to measure all of the elements together is at a “crossroads,” with more reliable data coming in the near future.

With the onset of services like video on-demand and the new ways in which content is being delivered to people, conventional TV watching is on the verge of a massive change, spearheaded by the changing technologies in the entertainment industry. Where that will ultimately lead is anyone’s guess at this point, but it likely doesn’t make the people in charge of conventional television very happy.

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Chris Clow
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  • Lil Dragon

    Of all the people I know, only two still watch cable. Everyone else lives by the internet alone. And even those two people use the internet for the majority of their entertainment. They only use cable for pig skin crash slam games