Nike Says ‘Back to the Future’-Inspired Power Laces Will Arrive in 2015

By February 17, 2014

In 1989, director Robert Zemeckis released Back to the Future Part II, a seminal sci-fi sequel that was at least partially responsible for building a generation’s anticipation for what “the future” will hold in terms of design and technology. Flying cars, holographic movie advertisements (Jaws 19, anyone?),  auto-drying jackets, dehydrated pizza, and – of course – hoverboards captured the imagination of kids (and probably some adults) watching that film for the first time. Now, one of BTTF Part II‘s inventions has been confirmed to actually be on the way: power lacing shoes.

That’s heavy.

Air Mags 2

In an interview with Sole Collector (via The Dissolve), Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects, Tinker Hatfield, revealed that the technology will be ready in time for 2015, the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in the film. It’s unclear if the technology will be available in an exclusive, highly-priced special edition shoe (like the specialized Air Mag they sold for charity a few years ago), or if this will be something that’s a bit more mainstream, but either way, Hatfield promises that we will see it happen next year: “Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!”

Pretty rad, if you ask me. Even though Nike will have had 26 years to innovate and prepare this tech for the public, I sort of doubt the company will roll out this product to every shopping mall in America at the same time. I’m guessing we’ll see an astronomically high-priced model sold to people like Kanye West at first, and then maybe – if we’re lucky – Nike will start integrating the technology into their regular products over the next few years.

How much would you pay for some power lacing shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jesus M Kilkenny

    Interesting article. My wife busted out laughing.. Said it reminded her of the days Reebox’s and tube socks were in. No!

  • Michael O Chafin

    Not gonna happen but honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t come out earlier.