Nintendo President “Surprised” About Universal’s Extensive Plans for Attractions

By May 10, 2015

When it was recently announced that Universal Parks and Resorts had reached a licensing deal with Nintendo to create attractions based on the Japanese company’s iconic video game characters, online reactions seemed pretty consistent across the board: people were excited.

Apparently, Universal was excited about the possibilities as well, so much so that they created very intricate and detailed plans of what some Nintendo-based attractions would look like. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during an investors’ Q&A (via My Nintendo News), Iwata shared that when Universal approached the company about licensing their characters for theme park attractions, he was “surprised” by Universal’s “extremely detailed” plans for Nintendo-themed attractions, and immediately consulted with superstar game designer Shigeru Miyamoto — creator of Donkey KongSuper Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda — to discuss the ins and outs of translating Nintendo characters to a new medium.

Iwata has also shared that Universal’s ride designers and engineers have met multiple times with “veteran Nintendo producers” to begin more detailed plans for creating Nintendo-themed attractions at their parks, which could potentially signify that the creation of the new experiences are on the fast track for implementation at the theme parks. Interestingly enough, one of the launch titles for Nintendo’s latest home console, the Wii U, was a game called Nintendo Land, which has the player travel to a Nintendo theme park to “ride” various mini-games based on popular franchises from the company, such as MarioZeldaF-ZeroMetroid, and Pikmin. Could we potentially see a real life Nintendo Land in California or Florida?

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Chris Clow
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  • lily

    Exciting times for Theme park lovers.. I personally would love to go on some Nintendo themed rides 🙂

  • JessicaKx

    He may be surprised but I am extremely excited 😀 🙂