‘Now You See Me 2’ Trailer Reveals The Film’s New Bag of Tricks

By March 16, 2016

I wasn’t a huge fan of Now You See Me, if I’m being perfectly honest. To me, it seemed like a movie that thought it was much cleverer than it actually was, and more than anything else, took itself far too seriously. With all of that being said though, Now You See Me 2 is coming this summer with some interesting new cast replacements and additions, that could hopefully liven it up a little bit.

These include the Boy Who Lived himself, Daniel Radcliffe, as a financially powerful son with a knack for messing up magic tricks, which is funny because you know… he’s most well-known for playing a highly-skilled wizard? Jokes are better when explained.

A new trailer for the film debuted online recently as well, and gives some more insight into the sequel’s story and new characters. Check it out below:

And so, the unexplainable, CGI-heavy magic tricks return.

This is maybe my biggest problem with these movies, and people can say that I’m expecting way too much from a movie about a group of celebrity magicians, but if you’re going to make the movies about these kind of secret, “super intelligent” capers, then please don’t have your characters be able to freeze rain in mid air, unless you’re also willing to explain how they do it.

The cast looks like they’re having fun with it, and that could be enough for some people. I guess I’m just too grumpy to enjoy it. Now get off my lawn.

Now You See Me 2 is set to hit theatres on June 10th.

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