Watch Ohio State University’s Marching Band Perform Music from ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Harry Potter’ and More

By October 28, 2013

In the old days, halftime shows were a reason to get up and get food/beverage or to use the bathroom while the marching band and cheerleaders did something goofy and uninspiring…usually a “park and play” (meaning the band enters the field, stands there and plays) while the cheerleaders danced around shaking their pom-poms.


But now, it’s all about creating showstopping numbers that make the home AND away crowds sit up and take notice – something Ohio State University’s marching band has been doing for YEARS.

Known for their precision and jawdropping formations, this marching band brought their A-game once again during Saturday’s halftime show…and it was another love letter to not only band geeks around the world, but to Hollywood as well.


With nods to Superman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (above), Jurassic Park AND Pirates of the Caribbean, this was another feather in the OSU MB cap of awesome.

As a former marching band geek, I gotta tell ya this was pretty damn cool; it takes a LOT of time and effort to actually come up with these formations, and taking them from the page to the field is not always successful, but OSU comes up aces every time. MAD props to the band’s director and/or drill writer AND the band members themselves because it takes a LOT of counting and a LOT of memorizing of music and steps to make these beautiful.

Hell, they even make software for this now…in my day, it was pen and paper! Get off my lawn!


By the way, OSU beat Penn State 63-14 and handed them their worst loss in 114 years.


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