Paranoia Haunted Attraction Pics

By October 27, 2012

Went to Paranoia Haunted Attraction in Santa Monica last night. Three separate haunted attractions, all in one building. I love haunted houses and go to every one that I can find and Paranoia didn’t disappoint.

The first one is called The Infirmary.

A medical themed haunt with lots of bloody doctors, nurses, patients and ghouls jumping out at you around every corner.

The second one is a clown themed house of horrors called Insomniac Clown Play House.

If you are freaked out by clowns DO NOT GO INTO THIS HAUNT! Creepy and horrifying clowns await around every corner…some are alive and some are props but you won’t know the difference until they start to move and by then it’s too late…RUN!

And the last one was my absolute favorite, called Granny’s Manor of Mayhem.

Don’t let the name fool you. This haunt is not for chidren, sure there are less people jumping out at you in this maze but it has the most amazing decor, not unlike the Haunted Mansion at Disney but far more deadly. Try to escape out the emergency exit? Not so fast! The only things this ol’ broad has cookin’ in her oven…is your soul!

Here are some more fun pics of my adventure through the various haunted attractions.

Walking through this tunnel makes you feel like the entire room is moving. It’s so fun!

Another funny note was that every ghoul or zombie that got in my face had minty fresh breath. Literally could smell the mint. I like a ghoul with fresh breath. 😉

The folks at paranoia know how to put on a good show with lots of spooks and frights. If you like the make-up and effects you can thank make-up and special effects expert Lulu (@LuluLovesBeauty) and her team.

Hope you’re having a fun and safe pre-Halloween weekend!

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