Patty Jenkins Will Now Direct ‘Wonder Woman’

By April 15, 2015

After losing director Michelle MacLaren due to “creative differences,” Warner Bros. has already found her replacement in a director who was previously tied to a superhero film before walking away for similar reasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Patty Jenkins — known for the unsettling masterpiece Monster starring Charlize Theron — has now been hired by Warner Bros. to direct the Wonder Woman feature film starring actress Gal Gadot. This is particularly surprising news for two reasons: the first is that news of MacLaren’s walking off the project broke less than 48 hours ago, and the studio found a replacement very quickly. The second is the aforementioned history of Jenkins with comic book properties, as she was originally slated to direct the film that would become Thor: The Dark World before creative differences with Marvel Studios caused her to walk off that project and be replaced by Alan Taylor.

This new coup for Warner Bros. will likely allow the studio to keep the originally slotted summer 2017 release date for the film, making Jenkins the first female director of a major superhero film, which itself will also be the first major superhero film with a female character at the center of it. Marvel Studios will follow suit with Captain Marvel, but that film will be arriving a full year after the scheduled release of Wonder Woman.

The film will star actress Gal Gadot, who will first be appearing as the character in March 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gadot is also expected to star in a two-part ensemble Justice League film, the first part of which will hit theaters the same year that the solo Wonder Woman film does. For more on this and other developing comic book movie news, keep it locked on GeekNation!



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Chris Clow
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  • Clara

    im just hoping things aren’t too sexualized

  • goldchainsroundmyneck

    if the image of wonder woman is too based on looks I’ll be so disappoint

  • JamesQFoster

    replaced no problem! glad things worked out

  • ATL Newman

    I really would have rather have Michelle directing but oh well :/

  • JeffreyJ

    maybe they were having problems for a while and had patty on call because that was FAST

    • It certainly seemed fast. I’m sure DC liked the idea of nabbing a director Marvel couldn’t make work.

  • Jameson

    wow warner bros aren’t too stunted by this, actually not at all