Peter Capaldi is the New Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’

By August 4, 2013

There’s a new Doctor, and the internet is chirruping with excitement, joy, terror, and disdain. Change is always hard, even when you know it’s coming…and even for fans of a show as fluid as “Doctor Who.”

He’s perfect. He’s too old. He’s a great actor. He’s not ginger enough. He should be a ‘she.’ The show is saved! The show is ruined!

The panic, I suspect, will continue until the Doctor officially regenerates in the Christmas special. Until then, Whovians are scrambling to look up Capaldi, who is not quite an unknown, especially to the Whoniverse.

So here’s the low-down on Peter Capaldi, the man behind the twelfth Doctor.

A Glasgow native, Capaldi is the third Scottish actor to play the Doctor. Whether he’ll speak with a Scottish accent like Sylvester McCoy, or an affected English accent like David Tennant remains to be seen.

Capaldi is 55 years old, tying first Doctor William Hartnell as the oldest-ever man to play the Time Lord.

Where might you have seen him before? For die-hard Whovians, the answer is easy. He guest-starred in fourth series episode “The Fires of Pompeii” (along with future companion Karen Gillian)…and played the tragic public servant John Frobisher in Torchwood’s heavy “Children of Earth” mini-series.

Our favorite Time Lord is not the first doctor he’s played, either. Quite ironically, he played W.H.O. Doctor in this year’s World War Z, and spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in the British comedy, “The Thick of It.” (And reprised that role in the film In the Loop.)

Other fun facts revealed on today’s “Doctor Who Live:”

According to Steven Moffat, Capaldi was once considered for the Eleventh Doctor, but the timing wasn’t right.

Capaldi was on set when he was chosen as the new Doctor, and missed the phone call from his agent. When he called her back, she greeted him as ‘Doctor.’

Forced to keep quiet about the news, Capaldi couldn’t tell his own daughter that he was the next Doctor…even as she scoured the internet for speculation, and was offended that no one was mentioning him!

“Doctor Who” returns on November 23 for the fiftieth anniversary special, which will be simulcast worldwide.