Peter Jackson May Finally Be Directing a ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

By November 30, 2015

Well, Peter Jackson certainly looks like he’s having fun torturing his fans. In a video recently posted on his Facebook page, the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit filmmaker teased the possibility that he might finally be signing on to direct an episode of Doctor Who, after both he and showrunner Steven Moffat have teased the possibility before as well. The video itself features Jackson at a table polishing one of his four Oscars, while his daughter tells him about an email he’s just received from Moffat, asking him to direct an episode of the series.

It’s right about then too, when the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, shows up demanding that Jackson sign a mysterious document from Moffat and the BBC, before being chased away by a Dalek. While the video itself doesn’t feature Jackson signing the document, you can’t really ask for much more confirmation than this.

Check it out below:

Interestingly enough too, that’s not the only thing featured in the video, as a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion lies fairly evidently on his table next to his Hobbit mug and Oscars. Tolkien fans have been begging Jackson to direct an adaptation of that novel in particular for a number of years now, which details the heavy history of Middle Earth, including the creation of the Universe, up until the forging of the rings.

Unfortunately, Tolkien’s estate still maintains the right’s to this novel and have remained adament that no film adaptation will be made, but with the book featured so presently in the video – is it possible that things may have changed? As of right now, all of this is purely speculation, but nonetheless, it looks like Jackson might have some very exciting things in store for both Rings and Who fans in the near future.

Doctor Who airs every Saturday night on BBC America.

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  • Gareth Milford-Scott

    From what I’ve heard, the only payment Jackson wants is a Dalek…