Playstation 4 Sales Officially Hit 40 Million

By May 27, 2016

For all of you that keep track of the console race, it looks like Sony’s Playstation 4 just hit a fairly huge milestone for itself.

The PS4 was originally crowned the king of the current console iteration months ago, but now the console has rocketed to 40 million units sold worldwide (via IBTimes). That’s not all though either, but to go along with these numbers as well, comes the news that software sales have passed 270 million units sold, since the console’s initial launch back in November 2013.

To put the success of the PS4 in perspective as well –  sales at the start of this year were at 35.9 million units sold, with 5.7 million sold during the holiday rush. Which then means that there have been an additional 4 million sold since winter. With Uncharted 4 taking off recently, VR due to break out on the scene, and the second PS4 iteration (NE) possibly previewing at E3, it certainly seems like the sky is the limit for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Nation, what are your thoughts on the PS4’s success? Have you joined the Sony train or are you sticking to your XBOX/Wii guns? Sound off below and keep it locked here to GeekNation for all your gaming news.

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Cory Naught
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