Playstation Releases Details & Trailers For Their Virtual Reality Experience!

By December 7, 2015

At the recent PlayStation Experience, Sony showed off the muscle of its new virtual reality peripheral – the PlayStation VR -which is due out in 2016 (TechTimes). If you want to know more about it check out the showcase below:

Looking at reactions online, there seems to be some inklings of excitement for the technology. For this old time gamer I come into this era of virtual reality, with a great deal of skepticism. So many have tried the VR gaming and lost before.

This round of VR players are the Microsofts Hololens and the big kid on the block the Oculus Rift, along with PlayStation VR. They are all trying to snatch up the attention of a curious populous.

Is that populous clamoring for a new gaming experience? No, not really. Then again no one knew they wanted the motion controllers of the Wii until they used them, and that system took off to the tune of 100 million units sold.

Following the Wii’s roadmap, for a new element to be added to gaming it must contain a handful of things. 1. A great selection of launch titles. 2. Natural feeling controls. 3. Somehow make gamers open their wallets out of excitement (MARKETING). 4. With those wallets open, you must price the item to sell. Price point will be so important, and rumors are abound as to the cost to consumers from $399-$10,000 plus! And again, these are just rumors!

The technology is there and from what I hear, the experiences are amazing. Could virtual reality kick off a new golden era of gaming? That is yet to be seen. For now enjoy the trailers for theses yet to be released titles for the yet to be released PlayStation VR:

Eagle Flight (Ubisoft)

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (Double Fine)

Golem (Highwire Games)

You can check out he rest with the embedded hyperlinks such as Job Simulator, 100 Ft. Robot Golf, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Rez Infinite, and Ace Combat 7.

Now then, I want to pose a question to all of you out there in the Nation – are VR headsets on your list of tech gadgets to buy? Is it the wave of the future in gaming? Let us all know in the comments below. More games for the PlayStation VR will be revealed soon so keep checking back for more updates – right here on GeekNation.

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