Comix Chix
Ep. 14 – Live From C2E2

Hey guys! I know we’ve been MIA (or, on hiatus, as they say in the biz) for the past few months as we try to find a new studio in Chicago to record Comix Chix. However, this past weekend at C2E2 I moderated a live version of the show with special guests Amy Reeder, Jen Aprahamian, Heidi MacDonald, Jill Pantozzi, Jenny Frison and Ashley Eckstein. Give it a listen for a full dose of Comix Chix awesomeness! Special thanks to Jamie Collvile for recording our session for us and uber thanks to all the C2E2 attendees who participated in the panel on Saturday. We’ll be back with our weekly podcast/blog very soon!

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