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Hosts Edward Doty and Teague Chrystie lead a discussion about all things documentary film. From news, to reviews, interviews, and recommendations, Documentality is the place to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of non-fiction cinema.

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  • Regan

    Sorry, I was super broad with my question asking. I’m IOnceSeenAHedge. But there’s nothing I feel you absolutely didn’t nail when answering it. I think for me, I have to be taken on journey. A narrative that has a clear beginning, middle and end (film making 101 I know). I’ve never heard of the term ‘tone poem’ but that is a very eloquent and lovely way to describe the way what I feel makes a good docu/movie. There’s some doc’s where I feel the movie makers slant/agenda being pushed on me about the subject matter a little to much. That makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to go into watching a documentary with the thought that I am being told an unbiased retelling of something that’s happened. If I notice where some things might be fudged around just for the narrative, I loose confidence in it. If it’s done well and I don’t notice… that makes for a good documentary in my opinion. But this this is only my humble opinion and we all have our own. It’s the conversation about it that I really like. Keep up the conversation guys!