Five By Five

Actress Clare Kramer from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Roddenberry executive Tory Mell go “Five by Five” (or loud and clear) with your favorite celebs, icons and public figures about their latest projects, pop culture and world events. Follow @ClareKramer and @ToryMell on Twitter and let them know who you’d like to go “Five by Five” with and what you’d like to ask them!

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A new episode of Five By Five airs every Tuesday at 10am PST.


    • Susan P Graham

      OMG, I glanced down and almost peed myself! Is this really you? If not, please lie so I can pretend I talked with you. LOL I met you at SDCC one year – you were the absolute most sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life! <3 <3 <3

    • Michael D Johnston

      Uh, I’m pretty sure this isn’t Facebook. lol Which is good, because it sucks anyway!

    • Michael D Johnston


  • Colt Howard

    Great podcast, guys! Didn’t know Emmanuelle was so funny. She’s hot AND hilarious!

  • Bobbi Sue

    No more hiatus 4 you guys! Stay focused in the new year!

  • Tory Ireland Mell

    TONIGHT!!!!! We have the incredible, the super…. AARON TAKAHASHI!!!!! You’re like who?!?!?! I’m like… http://nationalfilmsociety.com/2012/08/actor-aaron-takahashi-s-greatest-hits/ BOOM!!!!! You know the face… now know the name!!!!! CAN’T Wait!!!!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    Great podcast, guys! very funny. Please do a live versions with call-ins. Please!

  • Jermaine M Dupuis

    My new favorite podcast! Can we have Nathan Fillion or Eliza? I would ask for SMG but from what I understand, she just doesn’t hardly do any kind of press. Or J August would be awesome. I’ve been watching him on Shield.

  • Susan P Graham

    This is a great podcast! Love it! Love the guests, but I need more and more often! Thanks

  • Michael D Johnston

    Love you Clare! This is really great! My favorite os going to be a toss up over this and the Far, Far Away podcast I just stumbled across on your network. Very cool. Thanks!

  • Dane Isherwood

    I’m having withdrawls guys!! More pleeeease!!! 🙂 love your work

  • Greg

    Love the recording! Keep up the great work