Game of Thrones Recap & Review

GeekNation’s exclusive “Game of Thrones” recap and review podcast is hosted by the lovely and talented Rachel True and features an in-depth conversation about the most recent episode of HBO’s smash hit fantasy series.

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A new episode of Game of Thrones Recap & Review airs Mondays at 6am (during the television season).


  • Jermaine M Dupuis

    OMG, I’m getting so excited! Winter is coming!

    • Susan P Graham

      I know! I was checking in to see if anything has been announced!

  • Mike Crate

    Really enjoying listen to the chat about the show, it’s a lot of fun and picking up extra insight into the story (not read the books) but is there a reason why the audio is being distributed as a 300meg+ wav file from the website and itunes?

    • el0j

      Yes, please look into this problem, it results in you using at least 10 times the bandwidth necessary.

  • Joe Clifford

    Jenna, holy wow with the almost spoilers. I’ve read all the books as well, but if I hadn’t I’d be slightly peeved after this weeks review.

  • Cazzy Junk

    Shame you felt you had to hold back on the comparisons to the book as that is some of the best stuff in the podcast but still an awesome review as always, thanks :))

  • Delilah Jones

    Love the new host! Really interesting theory about Jon Snow. Although, it’s just a theory. And, we can say. . .we know nothing (about) Jon Snow. ha ha! Also, grow a pair, Tommin. And poor Sansa, always paired with the loonies.

  • Delilah Jones

    Thank you for the amazing discussion and thoughtful explanation of the most recent episode. Amazing. Geeking out big time!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for listening, Delilah!

      • Sonny

        You guys doing a podcast this year?

  • Miss T

    HEEEEYYYYYY YOOOOOOOUUUUUU GUUUUUUUYYYYYSSSS are you doing your Podcast this year?????

  • Daniel Stevens

    Is this podcast coming back for Season 6?