Out of the Blue

Ever wanted to take a peek behind the curtain? Here’s your chance. Host actor/director David Blue (“Ugly Betty”, “Stargate Universe”) gets some of your favorite people in entertainment to drop their guard and start spilling secrets. Listen in on hilarious & insightful conversations with the people behind everything you love: actors, directors, writers, artists, video game designers…cool people with crazy stories, right on the other side of that play button. Contact David Blue on Twitter: @DavidBlue

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A new episode of Out of the Blue airs every Wednesday at 6am PST (when David isn’t on location).


    • Megan Lee Joy

      David’s winter hiatus is over! A new podcast was posted today!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    I was listening to this podcast religiously. Is it coming back? I keep checking in but nothing.

    • There will be a new episode tomorrow morning!

  • Michael D Johnston

    Is this show coming back???

  • Azurewrathxi

    Always pleasantly surprised when I refresh this page every morning and see another actor I’m a fan of added to the top of the list! David’s very well spoken and knows how to keep a podcast casual & funny, but still asks great questions. Awesome!

  • Matt Day

    Started listening to the podcast a couple of months ago, and have been desperately trying to catch up ever since. So many interesting stories. Thank you for sharing them with us David.
    One thing I have noticed though, that i’m not so keen on, is that you’ve started (you may have stopped again, but i’m 5 or so behind, so don’t know) putting the full theme tune at the end of the podcast, instead of the snippet you used to use… As much as I love it, I end up listening to it twice in 2 minutes, and I just generally thing the snippet was a nice ending.

    Really love the show though- don’t ever stop!

  • Hey all! I created a Facebook Page for the show. It’s a new place to comment, chat and ask questions. Jump on over!


  • David Johnson

    Is there going to be an Episode with Clare Kramer in the future?????????

  • Y. Frederick

    Mr. Blue: you asked for comments so here is mine-and it is lengthy. Yes, David. There are many of us listening who are not your parents or friends, or even work in the film/tv industry. We just love the podcast. How did I come to listen to this podcast you ask? Well I watched Betty and was/is a fan of all things Stargate and was like “Hey it’s that guy David Blue”. Even though I am clueless about the acting business, the show still resonates with me for a few reasons: 1) the struggles of actors closely mirror those of technical professionals trying to break out on their own 2)most of your guests are in my age demo (30-ish) 3) I’m from O-town and spent time at UCF – crazy how many people I still run into from there even though I now live out west! 4) Your theme song, man. It’s the best. If my toddler is around when I am listening she goes nuts over it and definitely ends it with “YEEEAH!”. So in conclusion to this novel- It’s a great podcast, keep making them and we’ll keep listening.

    • Fascinating! And thanks for commenting. Awwwww, send me a video of the toddler singing along. 🙂

    • Robin Allen

      I am in the same boat. Everything he said. Just listen because we are David Blue fans. I am just a bookkeeper from the great white north of Canada.

      • ldypayne

        Awesome! I am not the only Canadian listening to Dave’s podcasts!

  • Axel Patton

    David, love the podcast, though I think the “Single Listener” thing is starting to become just a joke (there are clearly more than just 1 of us listening).

    I was chain-listening to episodes 84 and 85 (cause you released them at the same time), and I noticed something I think you might of missed. Both of the 7-letter-phrase segments ran into the same porn response. I think someone bought up all the phone numbers that could be potentially dirty and linked them all into one phone line. The fact that you’ve done enough of these to run into the same hotline twice is freaking hilarious.

    • Whoa. That’s weird. Really?!?!?! I’ll have to go back and check.
      But yeah,t he single-listener thing is mostly a joke. But it’s also hard to tell! I’m so happy you commented, but a lot of our listeners are quite quiet about it. I would love more people to comment and share! If not to get an idea of how many people are listening, to also interact more and find out what you all want! So… spread the word and keep listening! 🙂 Thanks!

      • Spaceman Dan

        This listener would like you to do more episodes! If you have no guests lined up a spoiler alert would be great, too. A horror movie like The Boy or The Forest. Deadpool would be a popular choice.

        • New episodes are posting as of today! I just saw The Witch. Did you like it?

          • Spaceman Dan

            Yes! New episode! No, I haven’t seen the Witch, yet. I think I missed my window to see in theaters, damn it.

  • Matt Day

    We miss you David. Are you likely to be coming back with any new episodes soon? Hopefully you are busy doing the job that you love, but I’m sure that we’d all love you hear from you again soon 🙂

    • Thanks. We’re back! Don’t forget to comment on the new episodes and share them!

  • Slorelleh

    Time to get back to the podcast Mr Blue we are all waiting for the next episode.

    • Thanks. We’re back! Don’t forget to comment on the new episodes and share them!

  • keithBeaulieu

    After your most recent “PSA” about letting you know if people are listening. Well, I am. I have zero ties to the acting or performance art industry but I love to hear about what is going on in the industry and your guests’ and your take on many things. I’m a fellow Florida boy, grew up in Dunedin, and now work in Irvine. Keep it up man….you keep my sanity on the 91 every week.

    • Sweet. Thanks, bud! Glad to help you through the Florida humidity. BLECH. 😛

  • Spaceman Dan

    I see David had been working. Glad to see it! Hope you will still have time do a few podcasts here and there.

  • Spaceman Dan

    I miss this podcast. 🙁