True Detective Recap & Review

GeekNation’s exclusive “True Detective” podcast hosted by Clare Kramer and Brendan Cowles reviews and recaps the latest season of the hit HBO show.

A new episode of True Detective Recap & Review airs Tuesdays (during the television season).


  • David Johnson

    Sure Wish It Was Tuesday!!!!!

  • David Johnson

    Ok bored & its still Monday. So throwing this out their, visual Intro “Chinatown”! Probably not considered when developing, Chinatown about early corruption with water (The Good Old Days HUH) & the new cash cow high speed rail (money better spent on Desalination????), no corruption there!!!!

  • David Johnson

    OK Almost Bedtime…SPOILER…..1 Death really, I’m coming off a season of GoT & all I get is 1 death!!!! I’m JONSEN for some GRRM Mayhem People!!!!! OK……Night Everyone I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon!!!!

  • Not exactly timely with the episodes, eh?

  • vibar

    what takes so long??