Killer POV Ep 114: Plagues In Horror!

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On this week’s Killer POV, your co-hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet), Elric Kane (Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) welcome special guests Josh Forbes & Morgan Peter Brown to discuss “Plagues In Horror” in honor of the release of their new film ‘Contracted: Phase 2,’ but first, the latest horrors! All 3 Killer POV hosts saw ‘Sinister 2’ this weekend and delve into what they liked & didn’t like about the hotly anticipated sequel. Elric’s been catching up on more Bret Easten Ellis podcasts and reports back on the 1st episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’ Bekah’s started watching ‘Salem: Season 2.’ Rob’s been learning all about “cannibals” from the doc ‘Eaten Alive: The Rise & Fall Of The Italian Cannibal Film.’

Then the gang welcome director Josh Forbes, currently a viral sensation with his campaign to attend the MTV VMA’s and actor Morgan Peter Brown who stars in Forbes new feature film ‘Contracted: Phase 2.’ We talk about the history of the project and then chat about “plagues in horror!” Everything from ’28 Days Later’ & ’28 Weeks Later’ to the early Cronenberg features ‘Rabid’ & ‘Shivers.’ We talk big scale (‘World War Z,’ ‘Contagion’), radical takes (‘The Signal,’ ‘Pontypool’), Romero (‘The Crazies’) and much, much more. Be sure to wash your hands before you listen!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Excellent. It was not yet adverstised on twitter, i feel like im getting this early 😉

    • RobertGalluzzo

      Thanks Dennis, for everything. I would love to get in the studio and hopefully do a bonus “tribute to Jumpcut” episode. Will pitch it to Elric later and see how he feels about it. I want to properly pay tribute to a truly special place.

      • Dennis Atherton

        Its like a good series that ended perfectly on 3 seasons and will only grow and grow in peoples minds to even bigger cult status afterwards, I love the idea of a Jump cut Podcast, thats a great idea. Possibly even a documentary too? I would certainly buy it.

  • Shad Youngblood

    I loved the first “Contracted” so I will have to check out this one too!
    Have any of you guys ever seen the movie called “The Plague”? It was produced by Clive Barker about ten years ago. I remember it being decent, but probably need to revisit it.

    • RobertGalluzzo

      I remember really, really loving the first half. Really great set-up and then it fell apart in the third act. But I have no memory of the movie itself! Other than that.