Killer POV Ep 115: Studio ADI!

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This week, hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) & Elric Kane (Inside Horror) kick off the show by paying our respects to both the Jumpcut Cafe and “Master of Horror” Wes Craven. Full tributes are coming next episode. In the meantime, the latest horrors! Rob saw ‘Contracted: Phase II’ and the bizarre Argentine horror movie ‘Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante: Revolucion Toxica!’ Bekah is still plowing through ‘Salem’ season 2, ‘The Bronx Warriors’ trilogy and the Dario Argento penned Western ‘Cemetery Without Crosses.’ Elric talks TV with ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ the series finale of ‘Hannibal’ and the feature ‘The Gift.’

Then we welcome very special guests Tom Woodruff Jr and Alec Gillis, the masterminds behind Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc, aka StudioADI to the show! We discuss their humble beginnings in the business working with Roger Corman, James Cameron & Charles Band, the forming of ADI, working on the ‘Aliens’ sequels, the advantages and disadvantages to practical vs CGI, and how their experience on ‘The Thing’ prequel led to their directorial debuts ‘Harbinger Down’ and ‘Fire City.’ We also get to hear from Tom on what it’s like to play monsters such as ‘Pumpkinhead,’ the ‘Alien’ and the Gillman from ‘The Monster Squad,’ as well as a fun story about playing The Hulk in ‘Scary Movie 3.’ Kick back and enjoy!

  • Dennis Atherton

    Heart breaking intro. I was one of the people hoping to visit one day. It wasent for the size of the place it was for the nostalgia, it was because of what has happened there, I love that Elric knows he has shopped 342 ish times in the last 3 years. That was funny,

    Im still listening now so more comments once the guest come in, and one of them is Pumpkinhead! Damn thats Brilliant, and he will make the reboot of Pumpkinhead, lets keep putting it out there

  • David Johnson

    WOW 3 People in Transition!!!!

    • RobertGalluzzo

      It’s truly very strange. We did a photoshoot together as Killer POV and Elric commented that we were all wearing shirts for things we have nothing to do with anymore. Sad, but life goes on and we have each other! Who knows what the future may hold?

      • David Johnson

        At Least Killer POV Survived

      • Dennis Atherton

        I hate change, I always find it hard, and as we know it is inevitable, The homepage of here on Geeknation also still lists all the original jobs too, time for an update!

        I’m really happy we still have Killerpov, I felt like it could of got lost in all the changes, Thanks for keeping it going…

  • Shad Youngblood

    I was very sorry to hear about Jumpcut. Elric, I know that you put everything you could into it. I never got to visit it, but it was by all accounts an amazing place that will be missed.
    I enjoyed the stories from Tom and Alec. I’ve always thought it would be fun to wear a monster suit for a movie, it sounds like Tom is living the dream of all horror fans.