Killer POV: Ep 66: Feeling Etheric & Horror Romances

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Fangoria’s Rebekah McKendry is back this week, along with co-hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet, Icons Of Fright) and Elric Kane (Inside Horror) to bring you up to speed on the latest horrors they’ve experienced! Bekah revisited Clive Barker’s ‘Lord Of Illusions’ and ‘Cast A Deadly Spell.’ Elric went to screenings of ‘The Blob 88,’ ‘Ghost In The Machine’ and ‘Deadly Eyes,’ while Rob kicked off the summer with the original ‘Friday The 13th’ and ‘Blue Sunshine.’ Then the gang welcome on special guests Heidi Honeycutt (curator & co-creator of the Etheria Film Festival, as well as Viscera) and writer/director Axelle Carolyn whose debut feature ‘Soulmate’ will make it’s US premiere at Etheria. We delve into the gals’ horror journalism background and the challenges of putting together a huge film festival & feature film. ‘Soulmate’ is currently facing cuts in the UK & we openly discuss the issues with content censorship. We also talk about the best horror romances which include ‘The Fly,’ ‘Dead Alive,’ ‘Dracula,’ ‘Let The Right One In’ and much, much more. Get the scoop on Etheria in Los Angeles July 12th right here!

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  • Dennis Atherton

    F THE BBFC !
    Thank you Heidi, I live in the UK and I have been frustrated and annoyed by the BBFC most of my adult life, I have to import most of my movies because I don’t want to see cut films, I want to hear your commentary just to hear you say those words, brilliant
    The changing titles is kinda crazy, if they made a new Evil dead movie would they now call it “A Evil Dead” that’s just as bad as A Zombie
    Worst date movie probably came out after this podcast but it’s gotta be “Gone Girl”, not a good movie to see if your relationship is a bit rocky neither