Out of the Blue Ep. 67: Adam Shapiro

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The man who knows everybody & has been in everything! Adam Shapiro is a great guy and a good friend — thank God. Otherwise I’d punch him in the face. Seriously! Just listen to his insane stories of coincidence, luck and perfect timing. You can’t write this stuff. But thanks to his actual, unending hard work, Adam has been in everything. From “Short Term 12” to the upcoming “Steve Jobs” film to Netflix’s Wachowski-siblings series “Sens8.” How? You’ll have to hear the story to believe it. (And, oh yeah, his awesome wife plays Quinn on “Scandal”.)

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  • ldypayne

    Quite the interesting podcast…fantastic stories, great to listen to even if half the shows mentioned I never heard of before. Adam sounds like quite the interesting guy, definitely be interesting to hear more of his stories. love his Memorial quote, good wisdom to live by 🙂 I think David is a little green with envy. I enjoyed it overall. Can’t wait for the next guest

    • Thanks! And nah, he’s a good friend. I’m just amazed by his crazy stories!

  • Here’s your chance, folk. COMMENT! 😛