Pass The Effin’ Remote Ep. 100: Crash The Effin’ Remote

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It’s the 100th episode of Pass The Effin’ Remote and we’re trying something different here. Yes, that’s right. IT’S A VIDEO EPISODE! This will be…interesting. (You can watch the video version of this episode HERE.)

As you can tell by the title of the episode, we have a few guests crash the studio to join us in celebrating our centennial show. First up, voice over artist (and Aaron’s wife) Kelly Pruner sits in with us to help report the news and join the discussion on everything TV. Later in the episode, “King of the Nerds” alumni Xander Jeanneret and Genevieve Pearson sit in to play a new rendition of GUESS THE PREMISE with us while also giving some insight on the new season of “King of the Nerds” as well as Xander’s new music project “The Library Bards”.

This week, Aaron is on the fence about “Sons Of Liberty” on History and Jack is iffy on “Blacklist”. This week’s LOSERS include: “Backstrom” and “SNL”.  This week’s WINNERS include: “Justified”, “Gotham”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Togetherness”, “Cross Ange”, “The Flash”, “Agent Carter”, “Galavant”, “The Fall” and “TMNT”.

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