The Bloodcast: Ep. 77: Sleepaway Camp and Spoilers!

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This episode of The Bloodcast features a menagerie of topics. Hosts Ryan and Clarke begin by recapping their night at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Fox held a special Sleepy Hollow event for both seasons 1 and 2. They also discuss some of the films they saw over the last week (such as The Devil’s Advocate and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) and touch on the topic of the chilling true life attempted murder of a 12-year-old girl that reportedly carried a tie to the urban legend “Slender Man.” Then it’s on to…

Sleepaway Camp!

The two offer their impressions of this ’80s summer camp slasher film – both having seen it for the first time – and turn their reflection on the film into a dialogue about the nature of film spoilers and spoiler culture on the Internet.

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  • Dale Baines

    Hi Ryan, Clarke! Starting to listen to this podcast because I enjoyed Ryan on the True Blood podcast so much. Clarke, I gotta confess, you were driving me crazy at first because you have a touch of ADD in that you never really finish one sentence before jumping to the next one. You keep on interrupting yourself! I have a good friend that does that all the time and I am constantly yelling at her to finish her sentence. But once you got into your rant about spoilers, especially regarding trailers, I became a total fan. While it’s not the first time someone has ranted about this issue (especially atrocious when the spoilers are in the official trailers released by the studios), I just loved the PASSION by which you ranted about it. I TOTALLY agree with you; you are awesome! Both of you are awesome! Now I just have to catch up on all your Bloodcast (yaaay!).