The Bloodcast: Ep. 83: Body Horror & Cronenberg with Dan Dworkin

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The director’s series continues here at The Bloodcast with hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe throwing their critical gaze upon the works of David Cronenberg. Body horror is making a resurgence in the genre and many filmmakers have Cronenberg to thank for the inspiration. Ryan and Clarke are not alone in their dissection of his films, though! They’ve pulled in Dan Dworkin – creator of the El Rey series “Matador” and Cronenberg fan – to help out. Enjoy!

Art by Daniel James Baker.

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  • BoomingEchoes

    I just found this podcast and I have to say I love it. I used to read (lack of time has taken me away from reading a lot) Shocktilyoudrop all the time years ago. It’s awesome to hear you Ryan. I’ll definitely be listening often.

    The guy (Think his name is Art) from Everclear definitely had a substance problem. My fiance saw them back around 2000 sometime with Matchbox 20 and he was so messed up that Rob Thomas had to come on stage (on his own accord, in direct reaction to the guys state -not so much the crowds reaction) from the way she tells it, and did a whole separate set aside from Matchbox’s headlining set (Everlcear was on before them). She said it was really awesome, aside from the unsightliness of the guy being a mess.

    I’ve got to listen to the rest of the show before I comment on anything else, but I wanted to hit on that while it was still fresh on my mind.

    • RTurek

      Ah, thanks for clarifying – appreciate it! Hope you get back to Shock!

  • Reenz

    Hi Ryan and Clarke, I love this podcast and I think you two have wonderful chemistry together. I like that you disagree often and have really interesting conversations about horror movies and what they mean.

    I was wondering, I know you often do shows where you talk about a specific director. I would be interested to hear what you think the deal is with Eli Roth–a lot of his movies seem to focus on xenophobia and torture–not exactly highbrow themes for the horror genre. Is there something more to him, or are his movies just a waste of time?

    I also assume you both have divergent opinions on him, and I’d love to hear more about it.

    • RTurek

      Thank you! I suggest going a few episodes back to our “in defense of…” episode in which we tackle Hostel! A lot of thoughts about Eli are there! If you HAVE listened to that episode, hang tight…I’m sure we’ll be covering him more once The Green Inferno is out!