The Movie Crypt: Ep 127: Axelle Carolyn

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Filmmaker Axelle Carolyn (SOULMATE, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a discussion about her career path from genre journalist to actress to writer/director/producer. From having her first feature film fall apart mere days before photography began… to rebounding with two successful short films in a row… to the nonsensical UK rating of her debut feature film SOULMATE… to the making of the most recent TALES OF HALLOWEEN (available now in select theaters, on VOD, and on Vimeo for everyone everywhere in the world)… listen as one young woman’s love of all things Halloween drew her (almost as if by fate in certain instances) all over the planet and back (literally) and ultimately into the directing chair as an adult. Including a lively discussion about the holiday of Halloween and its many traditions, Axelle’s story is absolutely perfect listening for this All Hallow’s Eve week and a great reminder to always seize new opportunities without fear, even if the opportunities presenting themselves aren’t necessarily part of some kind of original master plan. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered, the “Halloween Essentials” fan lists come to a close, and an incredible sponsor steps up to sponsor this week’s episode.

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  • RolandDeschain1 .

    Great chat with Axelle. She looked so cool in CENTURION and slung that bow and arrow like a boss. I’ve been wanting to see SOULMATE for ages, alas it hasn’t been released in Australia yet. We get all sorts of horror garbage released here but with something that looks classy and well-made like that we have to go overseas for it. I may have to just buy the DVD off Amazon.

    Re: Halloween. The supermarkets and the media have become increasingly aggressive about trying to make Halloween a ‘thing’ here, even though we have no historical or social connection to it. I guess they think they can make a buck off it. That said, we’re so drenched in American culture that Halloween has always been around. Every year you see a couple of small clusters of kids aimlessly wandering around the neighbourhood, holding mostly-empty pillow cases.

    You kind of feel sad for them, but knowing the area I grew up in it most likely came from their parents using it as an excuse to boot the kids out of the house for a couple of hours with the vague promise of some chocolate.

    And I think Adam may have been trolled by that cretin who admitted straight-up that he pirated his stuff. If the guy is an Adam Green fan he must know how Adam feels about it. The only other explanations is that he’s one of those people that just mystifies me; that despite their breath-taking lack of self-awareness they still manage to make it to adulthood. I mean, I grew up a bright, cautious kid but even I found myself in some situations where I could have gotten arrested, badly hurt or even killed. These morons just seem to glide through life, untouched by the consequences of their thoughtless, selfish actions.

    “Yeah, bro, I totally stole all your shit. Give me an autograph.”

    Good grief…

  • Joao Pimentel

    Adam! Thank you for the shout out again! No worries about butching my name, however your in the business of doing so