The Movie Crypt: Ep 219: Lauren Marino

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Reality TV producer Lauren Marino (KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, GHOST BROTHERS, THE RUNNER) discusses her career journey working in the reality genre. From making the daunting move from NY to LA with no job lined up beforehand, to paying her dues as an assistant on various shows, to becoming a Story Producer and eventually a full-on Producer on some of TV’s most popular shows, this episode focuses on the major differences between telling stories with a script and telling stories based on whatever the field cameras caught.

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  • Jay

    Thanks for another great episode, guys. By the way, since I don’t want to post two comments, I’ll just throw this suggestion right here: Dominic Sena. Guys, you have to find him and put him on the show. I’ll pay double for that episode. Just the other day I was listening to his DVD commentary for “Swordfish” (God, I love that movie) and he is definitely a perfect fit for the Movie Crypt podcast. Sena was also one of the main guys behind “Propaganda Films” (it gave us Bay, Fincher, Fuqua, West..), and I know for sure that Joe would be interested in that subject : ) Keep doing what you doing, guys. I am, and will always be, one of the loyal ones.

  • One-Eye

    Adam has always been so open with his fans I can’t help but feel glad (and relieved) that he has come out of his dark times and found someone who he is truly happy to be with.