‘Power Rangers’ Rejected Pitch Concept Art Shows Serious Coolness

By December 29, 2015

I am so ready for Morphin’ time, you guys.

If you haven’t seen it already a crazy R-rated fan film created by Adi Shankar and Joseph Khan prompted interest in a more serious Power Rangers film to actually be made. Check out that original NSFW bootleg film here:

Thanks to that piece of wonderful insanity studios were actually prompted to make us a film and now we have a 2017 release date for Power Rangers.

Recently picked up by ComicBook.com  we have some gnarly concept art created by Alex Ruiz on his DeviantArt account originally intended for the movie. Apparently these were for another unnamed Director. That Director pitch was rejected however and the studio has since decided upon Project Almanac Director Dean Isrealite instead. None the less these pics may give us a glimpse into the tone people are putting out there for our childhood TV heroes. We can hope. Because these are pretty killer. Here’s the pics from the rejected pitch:


Rita must be sending down some nastier dudes these days! We also for the first time ever have some Army help in this picture, adding to the rumors this will be a more serious, real life Power Ranger movie. Or atleast this Director wanted it to be.


Ruiz says the director “had a very cool idea of wanting to see the Rangers through a transparent visor, instead of the traditional head” as you can see here. The design looks amazing and intimidating. The only thing I would change are the astronaut helmets.

This isn’t the only exceptionally talented artist that has recently posted pics of pitch concept art however…..Gregory Semkow seems to be in the same boat as Alex Ruiz saying “I had the chance to work with a director friend on his pitch for the new Power Rangers movie, ultimately a different director was hired – but it was fun nonetheless.” On these fantastic pictures he posted to his Facebook page:


Semkow’s T-Rex Zord. It looks glorious. I am really worried about what kind of Studio head rejected this coolness. Maybe it was a financial thing?


Rita! (She looks more hot and less psycho lunch lady from space) About this cool sci-fi design Semkow said “I imagined her body armor as constantly flowing and changing shape around her body, kind of like Rorschachs mask in Watchmen”  Here’s a couple more:




Whoa! That last one is DARK. Looks like Zordon got some gains! Prometheus style! I like it. There is a total Watchmen feel going on here and that kind of thinking could take the Franchise to an entirely different level. The Director who ended up getting the gig says it will be “Mature but still playful” so we aren’t looking at Batman Begins here. But these pictures by such talented people make you wonder what could have been.

What do you think GeekNation? Would you rather have a slightly serious/still silly type of Power Rangers? Or do you want full fledge madness? Personally I don’t want the Red Ranger hooked on smack and shooting pistols or anything like that but I would like to see an iteration made for the adults who loved the original as kids. Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates!

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