‘Preacher’ Premiere Date and Poster Unveiled

By March 14, 2016

As of right now, Preacher looks unlike anything else on television. Landing on a network like AMC, and being created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the series looks violent, dark, fun, and a fairly faithful adaptation of the beloved comic book its based on. With a charismatic lead like Dominic Cooper running things in front of the camera as well, it’s got about everything going for it that we could hope for at this point.

After a bone-crunching first trailer from a few months ago, and some very interesting casting additions over the past few weeks as well, AMC has officially announced the premiere date and a new poster for the series at its SXSW panel today.

The pilot episode of the series will premiere on Sunday, May 22nd, following the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Check out the new poster for the series as well:

preacher poster

Rogen and Goldberg have talked repeatedly about the new tone they’re taking with the upcoming AMC adaptation as opposed to their previous projects, teasing the series’ dark, serious tone, and how its unlike their buddy, stoner comedies they’ve become known for over the past few years. It’s unknown though if they’ll be able to translate their comedic writing strengths onto such a different world and genre, but from the looks of it, Preacher seems just like how fans might have wanted it to.

Preacher will premiere on AMC on Sunday, May 22nd.

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  • David Johnson

    When I heard Rogen was involved I wasn’t to hopefully but the casting & the teaser look like Hes taking this serious!

    • Yeah, it looks like he’s going for it here. Now we’ll just have to see if he’s able to pull it off or not.