Punisher and Spider-Man Helped Each Other Get Hired By Marvel

By March 12, 2016

We all like a good superhero team-up story, don’t we? While Punisher and Spider-Man have joined forces plenty of times in the comics (not to mention all the times they’ve been adversaries), it turns out they’ve already teamed up in real life as well.

According to an interview with the NY Daily News, Jon Bernthal and Tom Holland worked together in order to both get hired by Marvel as The Punisher and Spider-Man, respectively. While filming Pilgrimage, a period drama set in Ireland, the two co-stars filmed audition tapes together for their potential roles. Bernthal explained:

“We were making tapes from Ireland in the process of getting him cast in Spider-Man and then he and I made a tape for The Punisher…During this independent movie that we did in Ireland we were constantly making tapes for Marvel — just acting together.”

Pilgrimage is the story of 13th century monks in Ireland. So basically Bernthal and Holland would work on the film as those characters and then swap to Punisher and Spider-Man during breaks. That’s just impressive acting, really. Way to show some range, boys.

Fans would no doubt love to take a peek at these tapes, but Bernthal isn’t very optimistic that we’ll ever get to see them.

“These tapes definitely do exist, you can call Marvel and ask for it, but that’s like breaking into Fort Knox,” 

I don’t know, I have a funny feeling the tapes may see the light of day eventually. Blu-Ray extras and whatnot.

These two characters may never meet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (though both could be part of the 60+ character list for Avengers: Infinity War), but it’s pretty cool that Bernthal and Holland worked together to get their swanky Marvel jobs. That’s what teamwork is all about, after all.

Jon Bernthal can be seen as The Punisher when Daredevil season 2 begins streaming on Netflix next Friday, March 18th. (check out the trailer here)

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will debut in Captain America: Civil War, due out in theaters on May 6th. (Hey everyone!)

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