Quentin Tarantino Reveals the Comic Book Adaptation He Wanted to Make

By December 21, 2015

When fans are busy naming directors that they’d like to see take on adaptations of their favorite superheroes or books, Quentin Tarantino usually enters into the conversation at some point, depending on the material in question. For instance, could you imagine a Quentin Tarantino written and directed Deadpool movie? He has such a unique tone and style in all of his projects, that it’s hard not to imagine what him taking on some kind of iconic title or character would be like.

While recently appearing on the Nerdist Podcast too, Tarantino (who has been a lifetime fan of comic books) revealed that at one point, early on in his career, he had been toying with making a comic book movie after all. However, his character choice might surprise some fans out there initially, but after some thought… it kind of makes perfect sense.

It turns out that Tarantino had been interested in writing and directing a Luke Cage film back in the 1990s, and even toyed around with the idea of casting Laurence Fishburne in the role at the time. Unfortunately, after having a conversation with some of his comic book friends about the idea, he became disillusioned towards the idea, after they argued that Fishburne couldn’t play the role because he didn’t have the right “body” for Luke Cage, but should have instead been played by Wesley Snipes at the time.

Tarantino finished the story by saying that if he does ever make a comic book movie, it would probably be about a character that he created. So while the possibility of him venturing into the Marvel or DC universe is pretty intriguing, it doesn’t look like the critically-acclaimed filmmaker has any intentions of entering any cinematic universe, other than his own.

However, we’ve got to admit, a 1990s Tarantino writing and directing a Luke Cage film starring Laurence Fishburne, might have been too amazing of an idea anyways.

The Hateful Eight is set to hit theatres on December 25th.

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